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Mobile Wallets:

SPL is a next generation mobile wallet software solution provider.

We provide state-of-the-art payment solutions for mobile wallet and mobile payment users and deployers. We deliver a large range of best-in-class mobile wallet solutions, mobile banking products, mobile payment solutions as well as mobile commerce products. Our target customers include MNOs, financial institutions, MFI’s (Micro Finance Institutions), and governments that wish to deploy mobile money services. Our complete end-to-end solutions support USSD, NFC, Web, J2ME, Android, POS & ATMs.

Our core Wallet Platform contains all the primary features required for any mobile wallet solution, such as Cash-In, Cash-Out, Fund Transfer, BillPay, Topup, etc. SPL provides this solution to service providers like telcos, banks, credit card companies, or any financial institutions to offer its consumers these services with better user experience, security, and speed.

Apart from convenience, SPL’s core Wallet platform provides multiple functionalities, systems, and applications for all the different categories of customers including the banked and the unbanked, providing additional growth opportunities for operators, financial institutions as well as service providers. These products are capable of adapting to new payment needs to provide effective wallet solutions to both service providers and their customers.

Man holding a mobile phone and cash bills

In today’s modern world, people are always on the move and often either need funds to be transferred to them or need to transfer funds to family members or friends. In such a situation, instant payment services are an immediate requirement for everyone. Mobile phone-based fund transfer can be the best solution that can meet instant payment demands without delays. SPL’s Wallet Fund Transfer leverages the mobile wallet technology and provides capabilities to the same network subscribers to directly transfer funds anywhere in the world; and to different network subscribers through channel agents.

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