SPL Group and all its subsidiaries conduct business operations, customer service and talent management according to best practices and high standards. Our three operating principles; quality, customer support and value added services shape and govern our conduct in the global marketplace. We comply and often exceed the highest standards that support proper governance in all countries in which we operate.


Talent Management
The most important assets to the company are our employees and we take pride in how we recruit, train and retain talent. We are an equal opportunity employer and our company culture nurtures respect, leadership, teamwork, integrity and innovation. Our workplace health and safety records are exceptional and we maintain a zero rate work-related injuries and illnesses since our establishment.


Our technicians and engineers receive world-class training at our in-house facility. At the end of the training, the individual increases their skillset and earns an SPL ATM specialty technician certificate. We offer upgrades at select SPL locations. Our training program is recognized among ATM industry professionals and we recently extended it to our customers by offering them on-site and in-house training.


Social Responsibility and
Environmental Management

We care about the environment and have taken measures to demonstrate this. We implemented a corporate wide social responsibility program covering energy conversation, waste management, greenhouse gas emissions, workplace health and safety. We are ISO 14001 compliant and our goal is to obtain the certification for all of our subsidiaries to minimize the environmental impact of our processes, products and services.


Customer Centric Commitment
The SPL Group is ISO 9001:2015 compliant. The certification process is voluntary and covers a number of quality management principles and ensures customers receive consistent and exceptional quality product and services.


Recycling of Electronic Equipment
We follow the practices outlined in R2-2013. It establishes the best industry practices for protecting workers, data security and the environment. The “R2 Certified” designation signifies that companies have passed an annual, multi-day inspection by a third party certifying body and are found to be in conformance with all the requirements of the R2 Standard for the Resale and Recycling of Electronic Equipment.

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