IAD Application SW

IAD Application SW
We at SPL are IAD (Independent ATM Deployer) experts. We can redeploy quality refurbished or new ATMs and turn these into profit-generating cash points.

The SPL Group can assist MFIs to establish their own IADs, on a consultancy basis, if there are reasons that a particular MFI would not want to participate in an ATM Outsource model. In addition, SPL does provide a ‘Bank-at-Work’ IAD for a particular employer group, deploying ATMs at the employer’s various employee sites. Either of these models carries less risk as there is a ‘captive market’ in terms of the clients and/or employees, respectively.

The cost of operating an IAD of any network size can be contained if all expenses are well monitored and kept at a bare minimum resulting in an increased bottom line and high profitability. In addition, it may be possible to deploy IAD ATMs in close proximity to ATM Outsource locations where high transaction traffic is experienced – merely leveraging off the demographic data already known. It is extremely important to ensure that IAD sites remain profitable and that unprofitable sites are kept below an approximate threshold of a maximum of 5% of the total network.

Other related Services


ATM Hardware
The hardware to be deployed for each model and in each geographic region will depend largely on the required functionality and features for a particular project. However, it is suggested that wherever possible, refurbished or good condition used ATMs be deployed in order to contain cost.


Working with Card Schemes:
There are also numerous card schemes provided in various countries where access to cash is required. Not all card schemes fall into this category but for those that do and where it is financially viable to do so, SPL can either provide an Outsourced ATM network or motivate the inclusion of such a scheme in one of the existing network models.


ATM Software and Network Management Platform
SPL offers standard and disruptive technology and various SPL ATM deployment models with an ideal opportunity to facilitate other bank-provided services including:

The Customer Channel – depositing, money transfer, etc.

Integrated services – interactive online transactions such as bank-provided insurance products, maintaining/promoting the bank’s brand, etc


Outsourced Bulk Cash Depositing
Traditionally, this has been a bank-provided service.

Many small businesses, for various reasons, need to the bank after hours and are not always near a bank branch or perhaps there is no bank branch nearby that provides a TTW ATM with BNA functionality.

In certain locations where a VTM is located in a vestibule or inside a retail outlet, bulk cash depositing could also be provided for this purpose. Alternatively, if the projected volume of transactions for a particular ATM location site is determined to be high, this may justify the additional cost of a cash recycling ATM with BNA vs a basic cash dispenser.


Card Schemes
Numerous card schemes are operating in many countries with many different applications. In addition, new card schemes are being rolled out every month. Without going into many details, suffice it to say that frequently these card schemes require ATM access and the result of making the SPL-managed ATMs available for this purpose presents the prospect of shared transaction revenue together with revenue derived from the ATMs’ other services like prepaid airtime top-up, money transfers, 3rd party bill payments, etc.

We also facilitate massive cost-savings by our ability to remotely effect changes in real-time avoiding disruption to the ATM network’s uptime and the necessity for custodians or technicians to have to effect changes/upgrades, etc. SPL can also facilitate and manage the ATM network in market segments such as travel and tourism.

Currency conversions on foreign used cards and multi-currency dispensing ATMs. These transaction type ATMs produce a higher revenue due to the currency aspect and are important in the overall site location planning and marketing.

It’s important to note that there’s always going to be an ‘opportunity’ cost that directly relates to the business development aspects of promoting, marketing, and selling this business model. To succeed, this business model requires direct and full-time attention. The reward will be an incremental recurring revenue vs the one-time revenue associated with normal sales. The cost aspect of the various models highlighted above is dependent on multiple factors and should be finalized once a project has been agreed upon in principle.

Costs are variable and very specific to a particular project and/or location. The hardware to be deployed is dependent on the model type and the commensurate services that are to be provided by the ATM. If VTM’s are to be included, this has a further cost implication.

Keyboard close-up of an ATM

Costs will always differ from location to location and from region to region and generally, amongst numerous other costs, these can include:
direct cost of repairs, maintenance
replacement parts
network specific software development
licenses & software

Revenues are also largely dependent on local factors and can differ dependent on the deployed model but typically, revenue streams include:
ATM rental
transaction interchange
advertising on ATM screens / toppers
bank branding
consultancy fees
discounts on prepaid airtime sales
commissions on 3rd party bill payments
commissions on money transfers

The operation of an IAD network can be very rewarding but cannot be successful if promoted, marketed and sold on a part-time basis. SPL is here to assist you with this process; please contact us for additional information and to discuss your requirements.

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